Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Checklist

Everything that doesn't have a check we don't have. The numbers next to each item is how many we need together. So, we only need 1 bottle of ibuprofen total, not 1 each.  Except for the clothes, those we need like 1 each or whatever the number is. Super exciting!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Euro-Trip! The plan.

My best friend and I are currently planning a vacation for when he graduates with his Bachelor's degree in December.  We will be backpacking through Europe.  We are leaving in January and staying through February.  Our plan is to visit 5 countries and various cities.  Traveling by train and bus and sleeping in hostels and on friend's couches limits what we will be bringing with us and definitely complicates our journey.  We are flying into Rome and flying out of London a month later. We want to experience as much of the culture as we can on our trip. We plan to visit Switzerland, France, and Spain along our way. I, personally, have never been so excited for such an experience. I wouldn't want to go on such a great and long adventure with anyone else!
- Kayla