Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I learned about Backpacking Europe.

1. Just because it's called 'Backpacking' doesn't mean you NEED a backpack. Get something with freaking wheels.
2. Don't go during the winter when the weather ranges from 20 to -20 degrees
3. Budget VERY well.
4. Bring a coin purse cause coins SUCK
5. Learn to say 'Excuse me' and 'Cheers' in every language of countries you will visit
6. Eat carbs.
7. Take a break, don't run yourself ragged.
8. Take advantage of Free.
9. Make friends so in future travels you have a free place to stay!
10. Go with someone you love more than how tired you will be

Home Sweet Home

Glad to be home.
In need of a shower.
Must have Waffle House.
Never been happier to see Bree.

Thank god customs in Atlanta wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I got told by a TSA person to take a chill pill and made it to our gate in record time. Then I was told I didn't have a seat on our flight and I would have to wait 6 hours for the next flight to Jacksonville, along with a guy in the Navy. Randall was already relaxing in his seat. Somehow I managed to get on the flight. Bree so very sweetly picked us up from the airport! Then directly to Waffle House for bacon and gallons of coffee. So glad to be home...

Cardiff, Wales: Day 28

The entirety of our trip was built around this one single day so we could just nerd out at the Doctor Who EXPERIENCE in Cardiff! The minute we crossed the boarder into Wales signs showed we were no longer in a strictly english speaking country. Even their english didn't sound like english. We have never heard an accent like that. Or seen a language like that. There's just no way to describe how strange we found it all. The trek to the museum was totally ridiculous and long. We couldn't read the few street signs or find a map to help us enough to get to the Experience. When we finally caved and asked for directions... Like I said, interesting accents... We still pretty much guessed at where we were going. Thank god we found it!

The Doctor Who experience on Cardiff Bay

Matt Smith's TARDIS

What a lovely sight!

9th and 10th Doctors TARDIS interior. A whole set that they once BLEW UP and then put back together for display!

A scary Cyberman!

The Silence...

Rose Tyler's outfit

Donna Noble's outfit

Best wallpaper ever.

Millenium Park aka Torchwood

Saturday, February 9, 2013

London, England: 4 days left.

New video!!!!

221 B Baker Street!

This cute little alley known as Leadenhall Market starred in a movie! Any guess as to which one?

Leadenhall Market. One of my favorite movies...

This monument was dedicated to everyone that lost something in The Great London Fire in 1666. The fire burned for 3 days and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses.

You just can't understand how great this is for us after the last month.

In front of the Tower of London! (Originally built as a castle, not a prison. It only became known as a prison after several generations inhabited it. Only 7 people were executed in the tower itself. Most executions were public and took place on Tower Hill. There were also 12 more executions during the World Wars when the tower was again used as a prison!)

Scary stuff!

Big Ben!!!!

The London Eye! I was getting artsy trying to capture a seagull in the shot :) Mission accomplished!

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Originally known as the Rose Theatre it was dismantled and moved to this spot and given it's new name. 

Dumbledore's Army. The wands of the greatest witches and wizards! (England brought out the nerd in us.)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

London, England! Home away from home :)


HMS Belfast with the London Bridge in the background.

The London Bridge

Walking the Bridge.

Buckingham Palace!

The circle in front of the Palace.

The Royal crest. Found all throughout London.

It had to be done.

I'm clearly way more excited. haha

Cool little procession we caught walking down The Mall.

The National Gallery. An art museum filled with paintings from 13th century to 1900. So, all the boring stuff. But a great place for us to enjoy our lunch.

A random, but very happy find :)

Piccadilly Circus! 5 major roads meet here, this photo only shows three.