Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cardiff, Wales: Day 28

The entirety of our trip was built around this one single day so we could just nerd out at the Doctor Who EXPERIENCE in Cardiff! The minute we crossed the boarder into Wales signs showed we were no longer in a strictly english speaking country. Even their english didn't sound like english. We have never heard an accent like that. Or seen a language like that. There's just no way to describe how strange we found it all. The trek to the museum was totally ridiculous and long. We couldn't read the few street signs or find a map to help us enough to get to the Experience. When we finally caved and asked for directions... Like I said, interesting accents... We still pretty much guessed at where we were going. Thank god we found it!

The Doctor Who experience on Cardiff Bay

Matt Smith's TARDIS

What a lovely sight!

9th and 10th Doctors TARDIS interior. A whole set that they once BLEW UP and then put back together for display!

A scary Cyberman!

The Silence...

Rose Tyler's outfit

Donna Noble's outfit

Best wallpaper ever.

Millenium Park aka Torchwood

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