Saturday, February 9, 2013

London, England: 4 days left.

New video!!!!

221 B Baker Street!

This cute little alley known as Leadenhall Market starred in a movie! Any guess as to which one?

Leadenhall Market. One of my favorite movies...

This monument was dedicated to everyone that lost something in The Great London Fire in 1666. The fire burned for 3 days and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses.

You just can't understand how great this is for us after the last month.

In front of the Tower of London! (Originally built as a castle, not a prison. It only became known as a prison after several generations inhabited it. Only 7 people were executed in the tower itself. Most executions were public and took place on Tower Hill. There were also 12 more executions during the World Wars when the tower was again used as a prison!)

Scary stuff!

Big Ben!!!!

The London Eye! I was getting artsy trying to capture a seagull in the shot :) Mission accomplished!

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Originally known as the Rose Theatre it was dismantled and moved to this spot and given it's new name. 

Dumbledore's Army. The wands of the greatest witches and wizards! (England brought out the nerd in us.)

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  1. Awesome Pictures! London looks great. Can't wait til you guys get back safely. Love Mom (Angie)