Sunday, April 12, 2015

Politics, Politicians, and Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers

Washington D.C.: March 25, 2015

Taking the VRE into DC bright and early. Gretchen's first train ride!

National Museum of American History!

This house is in the museum! It was built in the 1700s in Massachusetts. This house was threatened to be demolished in the 1960s so the Historical Society called Smithsonian and they came to collect the house and rebuilt it brick by brick in the museum! It has over 200 years of American history inside. 

NBC microphone from the 1930s used by President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Puppet Count von Count from Sesame Street c. 1972

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers on the Yellow Brick Road! One of 5 pairs Judy Garland wore during the film. These were specifically used for dancing. You can tell because all her shoes had felt on the bottom so they were quiet on set, except this pair was missing felt at the toe. 

How far Alexander Graham Bell's work has come.... On the right is one way he used to record sound. It's simply cardboard with some plaster and foil. 

It's the small details that really make the exhibits... Like the fake horse fake pooping in the fake street. 

Chicago Transit Authority. I had to.

I've sat here in real life in Chicago

Fancy new car with their fancy new tv... playing the History channel. Good job Smithsonian!

This carriage was used to transport President Abraham Lincoln and his wife to Ford's Theatre on April 14, 1865. The night Lincoln was assassinated. On the door you can see Lincoln's insignia. 

Boxing Gloves autographed by Muhammad Ali. These were worn in the 1974 fight against George Foreman. 

Ice skates worn by Apollo Ono in the 2002 Olympics.

A 1980s Apple II computer! 

Video camera used to film the only known footage of the first plane hitting the North Tower on 9/11

An old school firetruck that was used by hand pumping water. 

Old school locomotive


Old school New York plate (obviously taken by Gretchen...)

Day 1 in the city: 
After 2 wonderful hours of sleep we woke up and my mother so graciously drove us to the train station where we hopped on and headed for Washington DC. We walked from the train station a few blocks to our hotel where we dropped off our bags and went exploring! We are staying very close to the National Mall! (To clarify, it is not a shopping mall, it is the strip of land containing the Capitol building, monuments, and the White House.) It is freezing cold so we walked straight into a cozy museum. The Museum of American History located on the Mall. We walked through for hours. Despite how exhausted I was, I completely nerded out the entire time! It was great and I'm sure Gretchen is growing less fond of me the longer we stay in this city. From there we headed to Potbelly's for a light lunch then back to the hotel to actually check in. We were given chocolates and water since I'm a platinum member! (well my mom is anyway... Thanks mom!) We were also given a room upgrade so we could check in early. I will from now on always check in early. We still had a full day ahead of us! So we passed out.. HARD. It was very deserved. We ended the night by having Thai food delivered to our hotel and eating wonderfully colored foods we couldn't pronounce. 

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