Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Can't Wine About This Day

We slept in again. Had a tasty breakfast of leftovers. Once we were ready to go out we traveled up to a winery not too far away. It is called Hartwood Winery. We had a nice tasting of 11 different wines and learned a lot about wine making in Virginia. My mother called us right around the time we were done with our tasting and she suggested meeting at a second winery. We spoke with the guy that gave us our tasting and he sold us a package that included tastings at 4 wineries, the brewery, and the distillery in town! 

It was further south, closer to my mom's house. This one was called Mattaponi. They make a lot of their wines using fruits other than grapes. Our favorite was a wine made with strawberries and chocolate making it taste like a chocolate covered strawberry! Another of my favorites was a blueberry with strawberry wine. We had cheese and crackers after our tasting as we drank a full glass of wine. 

From there we went to a third winery! This winery was called Lake Anna located on... Lake Anna! We went through another tasting and sat outside to drink a couple more glasses since the sun came out. 

We called it a day and headed home. The twisty roads didn't totally agree with Gretchen's stomach after all the wine. We had an  amazing steak dinner without any wine... And then called it a day. It was a very nice day out with my family and the wine wasn't bad either!

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