Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 1: Rome, Italy

Randall reading on the plane, trying to pass the time

Sitting in a park across the street from the Colosseum

Kayla in front of the Colosseum

Randall resting after being awake for 26 straight hours 

The arch of Constantine

Beautiful Colosseum

Pano of the Circus Maximus

First truly real Italian coffee with lunch!

So, we almost missed our connecting flight in Atlanta, but we ran through the whole airport and made it with minutes to spare. The flight over went by quicker than what we thought. Neither of us slept much at all. They fed us and we watched the Doctor Who Christmas special on my computer. When we got to Rome we got our bags and exchanged some cash for Euros. Found a bus for really cheap that took us straight into the city. It was a great drive. We found our hostel with no problem. The Ciak Hostel is really cool. There is a guy from Australia (I could die!), a couple girls from Mexico, a kid from Wisconsin, a few boys from Argentina and a kid from Asia. After we dropped off our stuff we dove right into the city. Walked 5 minutes and immediately saw the Colosseum looming over the skyline. It was breathtaking! We walked around and saw the arch of Constantine and walked around Palatine HIll and hung out in the Circus Maximus. It's funny to think that it used to be used as a place of games and footraces and while we were there people were still using it as a track. The hostel provided home cooked pasta for dinner. It was AMAZING!!! With wine included :) And we passed out early. No jet lag for us!

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