Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 8: Bern, Switzerland

Swiss beer!

Interesting note I found on the bottom bunk

Just walking down the streets of Old Town

The Old Clock Tower. 

Bern's Cathedral

The Rose Garden

In front of the Parliament House

Fun statue/fountain we found in a hidden park with entirely untouched snow. A snowball fight ensued soon after this photo was taken. 

Swiss Chocolate store. This is about 1/16 of the selection.

Just a little more snow :)

View from a park.

View from above our Hostel.

Today was fun. Had a great breakfast at the Hostel consisting of more than croissants and nutella. We had real american coffee, cheese, ham, toast, cereal, and so much more. We did a mini walking tour of all the fun sights in the city. It took us barely two hours. We wandered around some stores and Randall bought a new scarf that can be seen in some of the photos. What a great model! We planned our trip to Munich that is coming up tomorrow. We went to a grocery store. Finally bought some Swiss Chocolate! Had a great lunch of sandwiches. Wrote and sent out a couple post cards. And we played many hours of Temple Run 2. MUCH better than the previous Temple Run. Not too crazy of a day, but pretty great and very memorable. 
New Video Down Below!!!!

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