Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 7: Bern, Switzerland

So far, we LOVE Switzerland!!! It is absolutely beautiful filled with friendly people and clean wonderful streets. We are staying at an incredible hostel and we even have some seemingly great Canadian roommates for the next couple days. (insert offensive jokes about Canada here.) There also seems to be some sort of 70's party or convention or Bern is just REALLY behind the times... We walked nearly the entire city tonight from the river up the shopping district, past the Old Town, found a gorgeous, beautiful Starbucks! (About $7.00 for a grande coffee). We grabbed some snacks from a super market that consisted of something like a apple cinnamon roll and some Swiss cookies. The train ride was awesome. I edited a lot of old photos that I had seriously been procrastinating because it was a long ride. We saw the Alps and so many cool little towns on the way. Fun fact the city we are in, Bern, was either named for the bears that the royal family once upon a time kept as pets or it was named after the German word for beer. Not sure which is actually true. AND the Swiss Franc is basically the same as the US dollar so... kinda cool I suppose. That means stuff isn't entirely as expensive as if we were exchanging our money for the Euro. This is the first country we've both been to where neither of us don't know a single thing about the language. It's an extremely weird feeling for me (Kayla) personally. We can't even figure out what language they speak here to TRY and learn it. It's absolutely crazy. Switzerland has like 4 national languages and Bern itself has its own special form of some form of German or something.... I don't know. You google it and if you find out let us know! Seriously. Hope everyone is doing well!!!! Enjoy our new pictures :)

Our first Swiss meal :)

The first thing we saw when we got off the train. Scary language, but a sight for sore eyes in that beautiful green!

The bear of Bern

One of the many cathedrals and clocks in town

beautiful houses and streets and an even more beautiful sunset.

Our ride from Italy to Switz

The Old Clock tower of the original Bern

The Parliament building located directly above our hostel.

A little lift to help get up and down the steep slopes of Switzerland

What a happy adorable kid!

Such a gorgeous view!

Parliament building on the left, river to the right

Church outside of the train station


  1. Swizerland looks really cool. I can imagine it is really cold, but none the less pretty awesome. Continue to explore and have fun Randall and Kayala. Love, Mom (Randall's mom).

    PS I am just wandering if you two will be sick of each other once your month is over.

    1. It is definitely awesome! There's no way I (Kayla) could get sick of Randall! haha

  2. That looks awesome, Kayla. I'm glad you guys are having fun!

    I miss you

    1. Thanks! me too! I'm going to assume that I miss you too, even though your name came up as anonymous... haha

  3. If you decide to go toward ancee let me know.... i have family that you can call .... i am not sure how far you are, or if interested .... love you guys... so happy you two are having a good time.. you are right switzerland to me is one of the most beautiful areas oh by the way this is vivian can you take more pics of the hostels your staying at we are not accustomed to seeing hostels and the inside kind of interesting love you take some pics of food i am going to want to do something fun for the kitchen ok ....I am done with my demands hee hee