Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 10: Munich, Germany

So we've been lacking with the updates cause we're too busy drinking our way through Germany... Or recovering. Yesterday was awesome! We walked to the Deutsches Museum which is allegedly the largest science and technology museum in the world. We believe it. We spent around 5 hours walking through it and still don't feel like we saw half of it. There was a whole wing dedicated to biology and physics and DNA. Randall was in nerd heaven. There was also a whole room dedicated to photography and film. I have never seen so many cameras in one place and they had prints all the way from Daguerreotypes to digital prints. It was magical. On the walk back to our hostel we walked by several cathedrals and shops. We finished the night by heading down to our hostels bar for happy hour where we met up with our Aussie friends from the previous night. They had taken a tour of the concentration camp Dachau. We got to see photos and hear all about it. As heavy as it was we still had a great convo about it. They met up with several other Aussies from their tour and the Canadians we met in Bern joined and we all went to the famous beer hall, Hofbrauhaus. We got a LITER of beer and amazing Traditional German food. From there we came back to the hostel and closed down the bar! No pictures at the moment but they will be coming soon!

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