Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 6: Milan, Italy

Fountain outside of the Castello Sforzesco

Randall inside Milano Centrale train station

A nice twilight view of Milan

Strange clothing store we went into that lined it's walls with cut up pieces of denim.

First and only amazing dinner we had. Bruchetta, Lasagna, and spaghetti.

Milan Duomo.

Randall being forced to feed pigeons outside the Duomo.

My knight in shining armor (Inside one of the many museums of the Castle)

Prehistorical fragments of a pot in another museum inside the castle.

Randall in front of the Arch de Pace.

A random find while walking through the Porta Sempione. (Creepy half naked guys at a kids park)

Arch of the entrance to the Futbol Stadium.


Gallaria Vitorrio Emanuele


  1. Randall, Which city was your favorite in Italy!. I am guesing Florence???? Love, Mom

  2. Heck yeah florence was by far my favorite! I like Rome and there was ton to see, but Florence was so nice and friendly. Milan is kind of like any city just with really cool shops