Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day.... We're in Germany!!!!

The days that things happened are slightly blurred so this will just be our Munich update. We walked to the English Gardens across town which is a huge park that has hidden Beir Gartens and restaurants throughout. It also has a river that creates waves that people apparently surf... Even in January... It's not like surfing on the coast, it's more like surfing on a halfpipe I guess. It's just back and forth and turning. We weren't close enough to see what kind of board is used for this because a real surfboard would NOT work. Really cool to get to see it though. We both LOVED the hostel we stayed at in Munich. We made many Aussie friends and hung out with the Canadian kids from the Switzerland hostel. On our way to a beer hall we witnessed a Ferrari and Lambourgini race past the big cathedral and drift and all sorts of cool and dangerous things. They were sliding on the snow and I noticed there were cameras strapped to the tops of the roof of each car. Pretty sweet video I'm sure. We did a beer tour our last night in Munich. We went to 3 halls. There was a couple Aussie kids, one from the night before, and some kids from Washington D.C. It was a fun group. We had a bottle when we first met up then got a Liter then another liter then a pint... This was not a good morning for me. Randall finally did some laundry too! Super exciting stuff. We got up relatively early this morning and caught a train to Cologne, Germany. We went from the very south end to the north end and it was the longest train ride of my life! It took around 5 hours.

The empty and erie train station in Bern heading to Munich.

Night1: Schnitzel!

Walking to the Deutches Museum.

Outside the Museum: Otto Von Bismark with a snow mustache!

The entrance to the museum

Randall getting his geek on inside of a cell.

Lunch! Brat and Sauerkraut. 

Myself geeking out in the room dedicated to Film and Photography

The first German U-Boat (U-1) that was supposed to have been destroyed after WWI by orders of the treaty.

The Munich Dom at night. Also where the Ferrari and Lambourgini rolled through. Built in the 13th century. 

My first Litre!

Dinner at the Hafbrauhaus

Where many a beer has been drank. Fun fact: If you sit at the same table on the same night every week for five years, the brewery will give you your own personalized stein and will even lock it up when not in use AND will reserve your table on your night for you. That my friends is dedication and probably close to a failed liver as well.

Fun little contraption outside of the Toy Museum

A view of the English Garden.

My stepmother pointed out that we haven't taken any photos of where we are staying. This is in Munich.

Litre number 2 of the night. Another of Germany's great breweries.

The whole group of the Beer tour, taken by our awesome British guide.

Our current place in Cologne. Yes, it does look like a prison.

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